General Information

The laws regarding the rental of property have changes significantly over the last decade. Either as landlord or tenant, it is vital that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations. The law protects both parties and does not permit you to take the law into your own hands, irrespective of circumstance.
Vacating a rented property can be expensive and can result in time consuming and stressful legal wrangles for either party. Knowledge of your rights before you embark on a legally binding tenancy agreement may save you stress and money in the future.

Our experienced Landlord and Tenant lawyer will be able to inform you on the correct procedures right from the outset.

At any time from the preparation and signing of a rental agreement to its termination you may require legal assistance in connection with any of the following:

  • Assured Tenancies and Assured Shorthold Tenancies
  • Notices of Assured Shortold Tenancies
  • Notices to Quit
  • Recovering possession/Orders for possession
  • Fair Rents- Applications to the Rent Assessment Committee
  • Updating in accordance with any amendments to the Housing Act

From the moment that you decide to rent your property, legal advice may be necessary. The law today stands very much in favour of the tenant and it is therefore essential that you are aware of the correct procedures and of your legal rights and obligations as a landlord.
We are able to advise you about the Tenancy Deposit Scheme regulations and the various options available to you.
Our professional Landlord and Tenant lawyers will draft the tenancy agreement and any subsequent legal documents in accordance with your requirements. Other areas in which you may require our advice include:
Legal rights and obligations concerning the tenant, including the drafting of appropriate notices if a tenant is in reach of an agreement
Legal rights and obligations regarding the common parts including repairs and maintenance
Rent- collecting rent, raising rent and fair rent appeals.

The sale of your property-drafting of documents such as a licence to assign property
Renewal and termination of leases
‘Residents’ Associations and Flat Management Companies

Before you sign a tenancy agreement, you should seek independent advice from a solicitor to ensure that you understand the terms fully. If you are suddenly faced with a change of circumstance, or even a crisis you will need to know what your responsibilities are and what your legal obligations are. Signing the right type of agreement for your future needs is essential.

Forcing a landlord to fulfill his or her obligations regarding maintenance, upkeep and repair of the property. You may be entitled to compensation if the landlord is in breach of his or her obligations.  Your liability for repair, decoration and deterioration of the property

The validity of a ‘Notice to Quit’ and claims for possession
Service charges and council taxes-who should pay these?
The right to buy a council home
The right to buy a freehold

The Cost

We will provide you at the outset with full information about how we calculate our charges. Wherever possible, we shall also endeavor to supply you with an estimate for our costs.

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