General Information

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from one owner to another. The conveyancing process, if properly carried out, ensures that the purchaser actually owns all the property, land and rights that have been paid for.

Our Conveyancing Service

We provide a service which is designed to safeguard your interests at each stage of the transaction. Although there are many reasons why delays can occur in the conveyancing process (problems on survey, the wait for local authority searches, broken housing chains etc), it is failure to communicate these which can cause frustration and confusion.

The conveyancing team at Chhokar & Co are fully aware of the need to keep in touch with clients at every stage of the transaction. We will do our best to ensure that delays are minimised and that the sale or purchase of your property goes through as smoothly as possible.

Estimated costs

From the outset, we will be happy to advise you as to what the likely costs will be. It is our aim to provide you with quality legal services at fees which are both fair and reasonable.

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