Do you think you have British ancestors?
Do you have documentary evidence to show your family were from the UK?
Can you prove that you are financially independent and able to work?
Applying for a UK Ancestry visa might be the best route for you to take, and our expert team of solicitors will be able to advise you whether this could be the case.

Eligibility 1 – your personal circumstances
In order to consider an Ancestry visa you must first prove that you:

  • are 17 or over;
  • have enough money without help from public funds to support and house yourself and any dependents;
  • can and plan to work in the UK.

Eligibility 2 – Your ancestry
It could be possible to base your application on a grandparent’s birth record if you have a grandparent born in 1 of the following circumstances:

  • in the UK, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man;
  • before 31 March 1922 in what is now the Republic of Ireland;
  • on a British-registered ship or aircraft.

Eligibility 3 – Your birth or parents’ birth
You can claim ancestry if either you or the relevant parent:

  •     were adopted;
  •     were born within or outside marriage in the UK.

You can’t claim UK ancestry through step-parents.

Although these criteria might seem simple, it is very important to ensure you provide enough evidence to the UKVI to satisfy their requirements, which are far more complex.  The difficulty is always found in the detail of all the rules that are far more specific than the general guidance given online.  This is where our expert solicitors can help you ensuring your application is detailed enough to meet all the requirements of the UKVI.

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